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Outside Details at Cobble Hills Reno

Posted by on May 27 2014

So its not just the interior that needs attention at Cobble Hills.  There is an enormous amount of updating on the property as well.  As you remember in a post last spring, we planted 20 Royal Red Maples down the side of the property in the open grassed area.  They are looking amazing by the way!  This year one of the outdoor gardening projects I am tackling is a privacy hedge.  Our wonderful neighbour down the road whom we purchased the maples from also grows Black Cedar trees.  We selected 30 to be planted 3′ apart and they are 10″ tall, to give us some privacy and also a boundary  for Shaker.  When I sit on the back porch I wanted to see green and eventually gardens instead of our neighbour.  While I am in the country I  have several homes around me which is nice but I don’t want to see them all the time.  So the trees were delivered 10 at a time on a flatbed trailer, the area where I wanted them planted was marked 3 feet away from the property line as they will grow out to it eventually.  Then the holes were dug via a tree spade, the dirt that was removed in a ball form was set to the side to use to fill in at other areas of the yard later.  Then one by one each tree was brought around the house and plopped in a hole, straightened and await for the next.  It was a slow process but by then days end it was complete and it looked amazing.  It was just a beautiful day for planting, sun shining and some warmth finally, and the rains stopped as well.  Fortunatly because of the rains we had days before, when the holes were dug that day, not long after water appeared in the hole so watering was unnecessary that day…awesome I say!  When I sat on the back porch I didn’t feel like I was being watched and wow how beautiful this looked, I knew it would be nice but I couldn’t believe how spectacular it really was.  I could only go so far with the hedge as I have a grouping of walnut trees and nothing will survive under a walnut tree except hosta.  In a picture about of the completed row of cedars you can see in the distance the row of royal red maples.  That evening for dinner I decided to cook breakfast for supper on the bbq which is my only means of cooking for now it seemed like an easy fix as it had been a very looooong day.   So that was it for Saturday and then on Sunday the filling around the trees with topsoil needed to be done.  Bright and early 5:45 a.m. I was up to get coffee on and enjoy the view of our labours, when I looked out my bedroom window, I saw for the first time on the property two beautiful young fawns.  I moved so very quietly as their hearing is impeccable.  I reached for my camera and tried to catch a few pics of them, and their heads would perk up when I moved its quite amazing really.  I was saddened to see that their momma was not near, obviously something must have happened to her as they are always around and travel together.  I am sure they will eventually hook up with a heard.  They moved on to the back of the property towards the  woods a safer place for them. As I sit with my coffee looking over the yards and the work that has been accomplished up to this point I am so proud, it is hard work this renovation stuff but it is also rewarding, just like my visitors that morning, making it all worthwhile.  And as I ponder what I will plant next and where it will go, a feeling comes over me..I love where I live and feel truly blessed in my life.

Spring has Arrived At Cobble Hills

Posted by on May 21 2014

Well it has finally arrived “Spring” at the farm..Cobble Hills that is.  What a beautiful time of year it is, I can never really figure out which season is my favourite, as I so enjoy the anticipation of each one.  But I think after such a long winter it is especially exciting to feel the heat of the sun and see colour popping up everywhere from the green green grass to the leaves of green or red and of course yellows and purples!  One of the first sperts of colour is my bridal spirea hedge, it is an old old hedge planted maybe 40 yrs ago and while normally it looks kinda haggerd because its old wood {garden talk} the blooms are abundant and gorgeous, a sight to see for sure.  On the other side of the yard at the front is a huge pear tree not of the ornamental type….the fruit bearing type and it too was not pretty in late August of last as I truly believe it had a million pears on it, messsssy and the bees loved them.  But here and now it is a beauty as well so very very pretty that I have almost forgot about cleaning up the yukky pears, one can only eat so many pears haha.  I love to garden and have been patiently waiting for this year to get my hands dirty, the best purchase I ever made was my Hunter rubber boots, I absolutely love them and I can get muddy or dirty or wet and my feet stay clean and dry!  So bring on the gardens.  While it is too early to get my hands dirty I did plant some Viola’s to place in the centre of my outside table on the covered porch you may know these flowers by another name pansy I am a purple fan and the deeper the purple the better.  Its funny I walk a fair bit with my wonderful companion The Shaker Man {golden retriever} and on my property I have a wooded area beyond the creek and while its been a wet fall, there were days we could venture into the woods and check out all of the wonderful colour popping up there.  Wild viola and of course the flower of Ontario the Trillium.  Its really crazy how such beauty can be found in a mostly dark moist place.  But the sun peaks through here and there.  Nature is truly amazing the many many shades of green and brown and grey to yellows.  I am in total awe back there in peace in nature.  The wildlife is so awesome as well all the birds {which I feed up at the house} the chipmunks, rabbits, wild turkey, hawks, deer, and I haven’t met any but, here from the  locals there are cougars and wild dogs and coyotes wondering as well!!  Getting back there is a great respite from what is happening with the renovation.  Sometimes its nice to get away from it all even if its a walk to the back, breathe some so fresh air and take in the beauty….Happy Spring to all of you, and keep smiling 😀

The Ensuite at Cobble Hills Renovation

Posted by on May 14 2014

Well here you have it the Ensuite for my own Cobble Hills Reno.  I am so excited to share with you the amazing details I have selected.  First off the colour for the room is from Benjamin Moore HC-172 Revere Pewter. I love this warm gray paired with the trim colour and panel moulding which is CC-70 Dune White.  The first picture above left shows the revere pewter and the dune white as well as the wainscotting panel moulding I will be using.  Fresh and clean looking is what I like about the 2 colours especially for a bathroom.  All my trim and the ceilings in the house will be the dune white.  Now onto the next amazing detail is that floor, yup isn’t it just gorgeous, its called Oriental White Marble I selected at Olympia Tile and wowza I just picked it up and I am completely floored (no pun intended) by how beautiful it really is, it’s a stunner!  I may just have to sleep there tonight. The picture below that shows the cabinet detail which will be a raised panel door, again in that dune white, and the counter there is Rhino White Marble from Classic Granite and Marble,  there is a subtle movement in it but no gray, going from white to a creamy white…loverly for sure.  The cabinet will be raised off the floor with a nice 7″ foot I  selected to use making it look like a piece of furniture in the space and how sweet is that drop knob..Love.  So how are you liking that amazing faucet from Brizo.  Its the RSVP and yes that is a sworovski crystal finial there!!  I also did the matching tub faucet with hand sprayer but since my fabulous tub (did I mention it is 72″L) does not accommodate a deck mounted tub filler I had to come up with another solution, aaaand since I couldn’t find a freestanding filler that well basically worked with the RSVP I am having a box built behind the tub with panel moulding and the Rhino White Marble on top.  Won’t that look spectacular?  And yes there’s that tub it similar to a Waterworks tub I fell in love with some time ago, but not the hefty price tag.  A girl’s gotta do, what a girls’s gotta do Right?   The tub is from Caml-Tomlin and is a beauty. It will be the icing on the cake for that room, take it over the top so to speak.  Well it’s all coming together, and  once its complete there will be amazing photo’s and of course champagne tub side!


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